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Mailchimp and Newsletter Subscription Interaction

The service used for newsletter subscriptions is Mailchimp and as such is defined by its own cookie statement.

These cookies are only accepted when 'marketing' consent is provided, in the case of the modal overlay pop up and documented in the table above.

Submission of the form within the bottom of the website is to a third-party URL hosted by Mailchimp which has its own cookies and is managed by a third-party. 

Checkout with PayPal button

When you make a purchase on this website, data is sent to and handled by PayPal in accordance to their Privacy Statement. The Udon Classroom website does not store your email address, full shipping address or payment details entered during the checkout process. This is handled via the PayPal pop-up window.

However, the transaction ID of your PayPal transaction is stored for cross-referencing within PayPal on successful payment of your order. This is a token generated by PayPal and does not contain personal information. This is done only to ensure that transactions can be monitored.

The item(s) you have purchased, their price, shipping country and shipping price you selected before payment are stored with the transaction ID token in an entry on the Udon Classroom website to monitor purchases and transactions. The shipping country is stored along with your purchase item(s) and price(s) paid to ensure the shipping price paid is correct.

Orders are processed from PayPal and your full shipping address is accessible on PayPal only and used only so your purchase can be dispatched. For any queries or further information relating to the processing of orders, please email:

Google reCaptcha

To protect against spam submissions of forms, some forms on this website are validated by Google reCaptcha. This is a third-party service and is governed by a separate policy, provided by Google: