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よこそう Welcome to the Udon Classroom Patreon, home of the NOODLE CLUB!

When you join the Noodle Club, you will be initiated into a group of serious and friendly Japanese learners just like yourself. You can join the noodle club for just $1 but if you are hungry to learn Japanese fast I also have a few upgrades for you. 


1. Join the Noodle Club - Join our friendly group of Japanese learners to partake in daily lessons and challenges through our exclusive Whatsapp group. Here you can learn and challenge yourself daily with a supportive community and also get the chance to vote on new content, courses and features for Udon Classroom. We cant wait for you to join us.

2. Noodle Club - Japanese Study Plan Upgrade - As well as exclusive access to the Noodle Club, you will also receive a monthly study plan tailored around your goals and ability based on your current Japanese ability. The Udon study plan gives you the direction to take your Japanese to the next level every month.

3. Noodle Club Premium Plan  - As well as the study plan and entry to the noodle club you will also receive a 45 minute one on one coaching session with me each month. In this session I will give you all my methods and techniques for learning Japanese effectively and make sure you are heading in the right direction with your Japanese progress. As I only have so much of my time to offer I will be limiting this upgrade to just 5 students. 

Udon Classroom is the place for beginner level students to learn free Japanese and have tonnes of fun at the same time. It has always been free and it always will be, however it would be nice to be able to invest in more resources to develop the platform and also have a little something for my continuous daily efforts to bring you the most effective Japanese lessons on the planet!

I always found that learning through stories and humour would really help me remember things better when I first started out. So I wanted to share my techniques and knowledge with you guys to help you learn and progress on your journey.

Whether it’s Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Vocab or Grammar the Udon classroom courses have it all on a plate. Or in a bowl …

If you find worth in what I do, My Udon Classroom Patreon offers you the opportunity to help support me in my continued creation of your daily, entertaining Japanese lesson content. 

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